Join a Garden Club

Why join a garden club?

The rewards of joining a local club within the National Garden Clubs umbrella go far beyond the pleasures of growing things. Becoming a member almost anywhere in the U.S. or affiliated international locations is simple and inexpensive. Yet membership opens the door for you to explore a wide range of common interests with people around the world and across the generations.

  • Grow your knowledge via top-notch educational programs and schools.
  • Garden for a purpose with community service projects, including disaster relief efforts and skill-building activities in eco-scaping, community beautification, etc.
  • Participate in the State Garden Clubs network for learning, service and community-building.
  • Promote environmental causes on a local, regional and national basis.
    Grow your own edibles or launch a community edible garden, for tastier, healthier, less expensive local fare.
  • Learn to make the most of resources, including your available garden space.
  • Enhance your garden’s sustainability and reduce maintenance by planting “native” rain gardens and saving water.
  • Nurture your inner artist with floral design study and flower shows.
  • Learn from those with experience, and pass along your own passion and know-how to new generations of gardeners.
  • Share your love of gardening and have fun!

Source: National Garden Clubs

How to join a garden club

Are you interested in membership within the Michigan Garden Clubs, Inc.? You can join by contacting the district director of your region or by contacting a local garden club in your area. Visit our interactive map to find your nearest garden club.