Bzzzzzz Michigan Celebrating Pollinators

District III is so looking forward to having all of you join us for the MGC 87th Annual Convention being held at the Radisson Inn in downtown Kalamazoo on June 5-6, 2018.

So what is all the Bzzzzzz about?  Prepared to be WOWED!!!

On Tuesday afternoon come and meet members from other clubs to learn about all that MGC has to offer in our Pre-Convention Leadership Conference from 1-5 p.m.

On Wednesday when you arrive and make your way to the lovely, newly renovated lower level of the hotel a stunning array of 10-12-foot trees are part of the beautiful display by Blue Horizons Nursery will greet you.  Across the way, River Street Flowerland has created an amazing garden of pollinator plants featuring a three-foot butterfly planted with spectacular succulents.

As you stroll by many additional planted areas you will be greeted at the Kalamazoo Room hosting over twenty vendors and silent auction baskets.  More than twenty clubs have created beautiful silent auction baskets that will be on display certainly tempting a bid to win!

The variety of vendors is incredible and includes Adirondack chairs and jewelry from a local favorite, Renate Favor with ETC Designs, who makes unique bug pins.  Convicts with Convections is producing a special themed candy just for the Convention.  Orchid lovers will have a variety of orchids to purchase, from European to new world to regular and mini orchids.  A grower of plugs of indoor plants will be selling starter plugs that can be used for creating indoor planting displays.  We will even have Kalamazoo Books who will be hosting two very popular gardening book authors who will be available to autograph their books for you!

Down the hall nine invitational flower exhibits lead you into your Flower Show, sponsored by the Kalamazoo Garden Council, featuring two rooms–the first a design exhibit and the second a horticulture exhibit.  Finally, there will be special exhibits featuring informational handouts on all the many areas that MGC is involved in including the new Pollinator initiative to the Black Swallowtail effort to information on Blue Star Memorials and more.

We will have wonderful speakers on birds, bees and butterflies.  Our Keynote Speaker, Brad Morgan is the creator of Dairy Doo.  He has taken an environmental challenge and turned it into a wonderful product and business.  As a special addition, Wrifton (Rif) Graham from Great Lakes Bee Supply, Michigan’s Largest Bee Educator, will share with us his extensive knowledge of Michigan bees, including the many species, pollination, preferred habitats and which plants and trees to plant!

The table centerpieces are spectacular topiary ducklings and frogs–both shade and sun to choose from, surrounded by a plant for each guest to take with them.  In the afternoon there will be three program sessions covering birds, butterflies and native plantings!

So much in a day to experience…that’s what the BZZZZZZ is   all about!