Dear Clubs and local Awards Chairs,Dear Clubs and local Awards Chairs,

This has been an exciting year for MGC clubs and the many projects, both new and continuing, they are involved in around the State. They have a great way to share their projects with others by applying for an award. In addition, others interested in such a project could seek out those winners and learn from their experiences.


Whether it is National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC), Central Region (CR), Michigan Garden Clubs, Inc. (MGC), or Locally, Awards are a way to celebrate Garden Club excellence. Achievements are recognized as well as the people behind them. Awards present an opportunity to shine both among Members and the community.

  1. History and Record Keeping — The Awards Application provides an outline for documentation of the beginning and completion dates, summary and project objectives, involvement of Club   Members and other organizations, etc., project expenses and means of funding, continuing involvement, follow-up and maintenance, photos and design plans.
  2. Club Interaction — When seeking an award, a new or special project can generate creativity and talents among members from plans to completion. It can have a positive effect on morale and retention of Members. When Club Awards are received at an Annual or District Meeting, it enhances Club spirit.
  3. Credibility — List Awards on all Club literature and advertising, on your website, facebook page, yearbooks and in your newsletters. Discuss them in presentations about your Club to show your accomplishments.
  4. Networking — Projects often require partnerships with other organizations, businesses and professionals. Locals will want to do business or fundraising with your Club when they learn about your service to the community as you pursue award winning projects.
  5. Publicity — Press coverage is free, gives people a reason to talk about your Club and news articles are considered more credible than advertising. Press coverage is an audience outside your own membership. Cite Awards on Educational Boards and Displays about your Club as well as providing Brochures including this information. This is a chance to reach possible New Members and attract new talent to your Club.
  6. Social Media — Links will be established with your Club when Awards are announced.
  7. Endorsement from NGC, Inc., MGC, Inc. and/or Central Region — Differentiate your Club from other organizations.
  8. Reflection on your success — At the Club’s Annual Business Meeting celebrate the year’s accomplishments by highlighting the Awards achieved. Often Clubs are so busy they forget to stop and consider their strengths, areas for improvement and the direction to head In the future.

It has been a busy year for your Award Chairs and committees. This year the NGC, CR, and MGC award lists have been combined to eliminate the cross comparison that had to be done to find all of the awards a project might be eligible for. Also the most common awards that our projects are eligible for are printed in blue, when choosing the award to be applied for look carefully at the rest of the list as your project may fit the description of several on the list. Just remember when preparing your 3-page Summaries:

When the same project is eligible for various awards: Submitting exact duplication of Books of Evidence or Awards Summary is not acceptable. The text should be written to address the award requirements. Ex: Landscaping the public library could be entered as #1 Civic Achievement and text would address the benefit to community, low maintenance for city, and interaction with other civic groups. The same project could also be entered for #49 Community Landscape Design with emphasis on the landscape plan, work of members with designer, choice of plants, execution of design, etc.

This year the complete list of NGC and MGC Presidents projects and the CR Directors projects will be available in one document on the MGC website or from your District Director.
All of this work to combine the awards that your projects are perhaps eligible for does not mean that there is no reason to visit the National Garden Clubs and Central Region websites to read more about all of the projects from around the US and NGC affiliate countries as well as the 7 States of Central Region.

The following is the list of Award Chairs, they are available to help with any questions there might be about awards.

Presidential Awards: Janet Hickman, PO Box 1278 Bellaire, MI 49615-8405, 989-600-1390

MGC Awards Chairman: Sue Soderberg, 4600 Acorn Drive, Traverse City, MI 49685-9692, c231-357-9811 h231-929-1867,

Yearbook Chairperson: Mary Krzeczkowski, 10701 Holland, Taylor, MI 48180-3051, phone: 313-292-9201,

Youth-Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl Co-Chairs: Mary Reed 2670 Linn Rd. Williamston, MI 488958-9518, phone: 517-712-0182, and Kathleen Sauber 1299Weeden Rd. Caro, MI 48723-8912, phone: 989-673-7691,

Flower Show Advice & Awards Chairman: Pat Bazany, 14012 132nd Ave., Grand Haven, MI 49417-9713, phone: 616-842-3902,