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YEARBOOK AWARDS Four copies of your Program/Yearbook are needed for the entire award application process.
First: Send two copies of the Program/Yearbook to your District Director by October 1st for judging. When submitting, include TWO copies of the application form as required by NGC and MGC. It is only necessary to fill out the top portion of the application form.

Second: Send one copy (no application form) of the Program/Yearbook by October 1st to the current MGC President: Marilyn McIntosh, 5222 Greenview Drive, Gaylord, MI 49735-9238, phone: 231546-3152, email: and one copy to the 1st Vice-President: Carol Brodbeck, 6410 Crane Rd., Ypsilanti, MI 48197-8850, phone:  734-434-3795, A.

Single member garden club 1. Club under 20 members 2.  Club 20-29 3.  Club 30-44 4.  Club 45-69 5.  Club 70-99 6.  Club 100-299 7.  Club 300 or more
#16 B – Yearbook (Group of Member Clubs, Council, District,)

#16 D Yearbooks for State Garden Club

#16 E Yearbooks for Clubs/Councils of Judges or Consultants

Application Judging Form Judging for Club of Judges How to Create an Award Winning Yearbook