2016-2017 Club of Distinction Award and President’s Report covering the period of March 1, 2016 to February 29, 2017 is due to MGC President Marilyn McIntosh; MGC First Vice President Carol Brodbeck; and your District Director by March 1, 2017. Extra points can be earned for submitting earlier. Please direct questions to Carol (mgc.carol.brodbeck@nullaol.com).

Other Files:

  • Requirements for 2016

    Three $100 awards are given:

    • Club membership up to 49
    • Club membership 50 to 99
    • Club membership 100 and above

    No Book of Evidence is required. In a large envelope, include the following: Garden Club name as it should appear on any award received, contact person (name/phone/email address) Garden Walk Map/Ticket, Publicity, Labeled photos of the garden walk (limit 14), educational handouts, a one page narrative that show cases the walk: brief description of gardens, number of club members and their participation, member recruitment, educational displays, etc.

    The Garden Walk Evaluation by three Landscape Consultants has been eliminated and is no longer part of this award.

    Mail by November 15, 2016, send envelope containing above information to:

    Michigan Consultants Council
    c/o Nancy (Stark) Higgins, President
    1801 Sylvan Lane
    Midland, MI 48640-6760
    (989) 835-2394 Email: nstark1801@nullaol.com

    The following scale of points is used to Judge Garden Walk Awards:

    • 20 Points — Clarity of map and tour schedule, and location of gardens in relation to distance
    • 20 Points — Overall appearance of gardens
    • 20 Points — Variety of garden types (Shade, rock, formal, water, etc.)
    • 10 Points — Publicity
    • 10 Points — Educational Value (Plant markers, worthy features)
    • 10 Points — Club Involvement (membership recruitment, budget, members involved
    • 10 Points — Miscellaneous (Floral designs, plant sales, displays, refreshments)
    • 100 Points — TOTAL