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For all MGC awards follow the guidelines for NGC awards. Prepare Books of Evidence for only those awards which are required by NGC to have one. For most NGC and All MGC awards an Award Summary is all that is required. NOTE: ALL awards are due to MGC State Awards Chair no later than Oct. 1 except NGC award #44 Publicity Press Book, which is due no later than Jan.10.

Send Books of Evidence and Award Summary’s to the MGC Awards Chairman: Carol Beckius, 5727 Briarhill Drive, Portage, MI 49024-9536; phone: 269-372-6950 or

APPLICATION FORMS: NGC has an application form and procedure for applying for awards. The application form contains topics to be addressed along with any supporting photographs.

  • There is a three (3) page limit, using only the front of the page (unless otherwise stated).
  • Binders and vinyl sheet protectors are no longer required or allowed.
  • Applications will not be returned. Exceptions noted.
  • Only 3 page summaries may be submitted electronically to the State Awards Chairman Forms are available on the MGC website and from State Awards Chair, IA Awards Chairman, Flower Show Achievement Awards Chairman, or Award of Excellence Chairman.
  •  This application form should not be used for Awards of Excellence or Flower Show Achievement Awards.

When the same project is eligible for various awards: Submitting exact duplication of Books of Evidence or Awards Summary is not acceptable. The text should be written to address the award requirements. Ex: Landscaping the public library could be entered as #1 Civic Achievement and text would address the benefit to community, low maintenance for city, and interaction with other civic groups. The same project could also be entered for #49 Community Landscape Design with emphasis on the landscape plan, work of members with designer, choice of plants, execution of design, etc.

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